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Lifestyle Financiers and Madeleines

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Sarah is a young woman who has been handed down the art of cooking. As the granddaughter of a baker, she has been around the fine smells of freshly baked wheat and butter since she was very young.


She turned her grandfather's gift into a passionate adventure of her own. She has worked on the finesse of French pastry and you will be able to taste specialties such as madeleines, financiers...!


These lovely delicacies are a pure delight for the eyes as well as for the taste. Both fluffy and light, these treats will satisfy even the least greedy.

Lifestyle Financiers and Madeleines
Plate Financiers

Financiers Vs


Financiers are richer than their more cake-like cousins madeleines.


Financiers are also more moist due to the higher content of butter, whilst madeleines are more dry with much more wheat flour and only a couple of eggs.


Unlike financiers, madeleines also use baking powder. Perhaps the biggest difference is their shape. French madeleines are traditionally baked in scallop shaped moulds or tins.

Plate Madeleines
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